What incentives are available to my company?

Small Business: If your energy bill is 0-100KW usage your cash incentives are automatically deducted from your cost by your trade ally-no paperwork!

Standard Business: If your energy bill is 100-400KW usage you qualify for Standard program incentives which are paid back to the customer 4-6 weeks post installation and final paperwork.

New Construction Incentives: provides financial incentives and technical assistance to encourage design teams and building owners to surpass standard practices and exceed energy code requirements.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment: offers incentives for electronically commutated motors, demand ventilation controls, walk-in cooler and freezer controls, and a wide range of ENERGY STAR food service equipment.

HVAC: Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) can account for as much as 30% of a building's annual energy usage. ComEd offers opportunities for commercial customers to cost-effectively improve their HVAC systems and save money on energy bills.

Custom Incentives: Custom incentives are based on the actual kilowatt-hour savings achieved by the project in the first year. Qualifying projects can earn incentives up to $.07 per kWh saved.

What is a "Trade Ally?"

Small businesses have access to a highly-qualified, reliable, professional network of contractors called trade allies that are trained on the processes and procedures of the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program to thoroughly inspect your facility and deliver customized recommendations. They help businesses implement energy efficiency improvements and apply for incentives. To become a qualified trade ally with SBES, contractors:

  • Competitively apply by listing their credentials and experience
  • Complete background checks on key personnel
  • Are licensed and insured to perform work
  • Receive extensive training from the program
  • Participate in continuing education trainings

BA Lighting is your Trade Ally!